Seal coating - Overview

Have you ever looked at a driveway or parking lot and wondered why it looks grey or discolored? Ever wondered if your old driveway can look new again? Ever wanted your twenty year old driveway to be dark rich black again? Have you ever wondered what Seal coating does for asphalt? Is your asphalt starting to crack? Look no further, All Purpose Paving we are Seal coating experts. Seal coating is one of the most important steps in maintaining your asphalt driveways or parking lots. I well sealed asphalt driveway or parking lot life will be extended significantly with annual seal coating

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Why Sealcoat?

Did you know that sealcoating more than doubles the life of your asphalt pavement? Did you know the number one element that destroys asphalt is the sun followed by water once the Sun breaks down the oils that are contained in the asphalt? The sun produces ultraviolet rays which bake the oils out of asphalt and make it brittle! Sealcoating puts a barrier over the asphalt so the oils stay inside of it and keeps water out. Sealer also makes asphalt resistant to gasoline, oil, and weather. Once your asphalt is compromised it is in risk of water entering it. Water is the root of all evil in asphalt! The smallest amount of water over time will eventually start to undermine asphalt and ruin the base. The base getting ruined will cause cracks, mushy areas, sink holes, and pot holes. Once the water freezes in winter the asphalt will heave and break causing chunks of asphalt to actually break away from the driveway or parking lot leaving holes. All Purpose Paving Sealcoating and Paving LLC takes every precaution to make sure you are fully protected against these harsh elements.
At All Purpose Paving Sealcoating we use top-of-the line commercial grade sealer, the most durable and longest lasting asphalt sealer on the market. Every load of sealer gets three pounds of sand added to each gallon of sealer. This provides a safe skid resistant surface. Do you have a steep driveway and have a slippery time in winter? All Purpose Paving will add extra sand for hills to give the extra traction needed. Experiencing cracks in your pavement? All Purpose Paving Sealcoating and Paving LLC uses hot rubberized crack fillers on all jobs. Hot crack fillers are made of rubber and have flexibility so as the earth moves so does the crack filler. The crack filler expands and contracts as the weather fluctuates so the cracks do not open up with the first ground movement. So watch for the warning signals of deteriorating asphalt. When the rich dark black color begins to turn gray, and the surface becomes rough and porous, it’s time to call in the experts – All Purpose Paving Sealcoating. All Purpose Paving Sealcoating and Paving LLC can put you on a yearly or biyearly maintenance plan so you are always protected! Ask us for an estimate now and see how we can protect your asphalt driveway.

Our Sealcoating Process

  • We’ll start by trimming the grassy edges of your driveway, enabling us to seal those areas where deterioration often starts.
  • Next, we clean your driveway thoroughly using a combination of steel bristle brooms, power brooms and commercial air blowers. Cracks and joints will be cleaned, as necessary.
  • Any oil spots or other such markings will be treated with special primers to ensure proper adhesion of the sealer and to rid the asphalt of damaging substances.
  • We will fill the structural cracks and asphalt seams with hot rubberized tar. Please be aware when shopping for sealcoating services that you pay for what you get. Many companies cut corners to save money and use roofing tar as crack filler. All Purpose Paving Sealcoating and Paving LLC uses hot rubberized crack fillers designed especially for driveways and parking lots. These crack fillers are designed to flex and the ground moves. All Purpose Paving Sealcoating and Paving cuts NO corners when it comes to quality seal coating.
  • All Purpose Paving Sealcoating takes every precaution to ensure you sealer will not get on anything but the asphalt! Our highly trained crews will apply sealer carefully to protect your property. We hand apply sealer around anything where overspray would come in contact. For example: in front of garage doors, around brick walkways and patios, Belgian block and decorative stone, mulch beds, flowers, gardens, etc. We promise that the only place you will find our sealer is on the asphalt.
  • Once we complete the project, your asphalt area will be blocked off. All Purpose Paving Sealcoating and Paving LLC provides stakes, caution tape, and our name sign on every job. Freshly sealed asphalt should not be driven on for 48 hours unless directed otherwise.